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From the time I was young, wandering the shores of Lake Huron in Ontario, I was fascinated with rocks and crystals. This early passion for the natural world planted a seed in me: a desire to heal. As I grew older, this calling led me into the field of medicine. I have a wide and varied background in traditional western medicine. I’ve worked and excelled in Orthopedic Surgery, Women’s Medicine, Reconstructive Surgery, Family Medicine and Urgent Care and most recently in Functional Medciine.


Thirty years ago, when I took my medical school oath to "Do No Harm," it resonated deeply with me and guided my career. The 2020 global pandemic was a turning point. It prompted me to seek a more holistic approach to health and healing. This search for a deeper understanding of wellness led me to make a significant life change: I moved into a tiny home named Kotori (Japanese for 'little bird'), situated on a picturesque farm.


A friend's reminder about my early experiments with crystal elixirs reignited my long-standing interest in vibrational healing. I had always created "energy medicines" using crystals, both for myself and friends, and they were effective. Inspired by this, I began to craft medicines with a commitment to healing without harm, merging my lifelong knowledge of crystals and minerals with my scientific background. I now create personalized medical elixirs and others that address common issues, staying true to my oath and providing vibrational healing medicine.


Aside from my passion for healing, I am a never-ending student of nutrition science, an author, and an artist. I express my creativity through pencil drawing, painting, tapestry weaving, and knitting. In keeping with my holistic approach to health I authored a book called Feast, Fast, Flourish about the benefits of fasting. I'm also a proud mother and the biggest fan of an adventurous sailor/photo/video artist.


Living in Taos, New Mexico, I'm continually inspired by the beauty and serenity of my surroundings. Here, in my little sanctuary named Kotori, I create GemWaters, blending my love and knowledge of the healing powers of the Mineral and Aquatic Kingdoms with the ancient method of creating vibrational medicines. This journey has not only been about discovering how to heal others but also about understanding the depths of my own capabilities and passions.



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