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Crystals have been used for spiritual growth and healing for thousands of years. GemWaters are similar to homeopathic remedies or Bach flower essences. They are created by transferring information from crystals to water first by using a magnetic vortex to structure the water. Then charging the water with crystals in the Sun & Moon after ritual prayers are said over it. The water takes on the beneficial vibrational energies of the stones and can be consumed to activate healing on an energetic and cellular level. Scientific research supports water's ability to be "structured" and absorb then transfer information.

GemWaters are made using the ancient "indirect method" to ensure safety because the water never touches the crystals directly, and are stabilized with apple brandy. The candies are vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and alcohol-free.

What do you want to do?

  • Attract a real loving relationship?
  • Heal your past traumas once and for all?
  • Become serene & tranquil?
  • Begin truly listening to your gut instincts?
  • Are you a spiritual worker looking to boost your intuition?
  • Bring constant positivity into your daily living?
  • Manifest all of those dreams you have on the back burner?
  • Do you have unique needs that requires a custom blend?
  • Looking for that perfect unique &handmade and thoughtful gift?

There is a blend for you!

Slowly chew 1 or 2 candy gemstones daily and/or take half dropperful of the tincture under the tongue twice daily (or put in your drink or in your body lotion!) & carry the free quartz crystal with you everywhere for an amplifying effect & watch the magic happen!

GemWaters blends are created to help humans reach their potential! Follow us on Instagram for new blend updates. For a personalized blend or blend suggestions, visit this page or DM us (see bottom of page for IG link).

What are you looking for?

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