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GemWaters are similar to homeopathic remedies or Bach flower essences. Crystals are the “blossoms” of the mineralogical part of the Earth. Rudolph Steiner said, “The Mineral Kingdom functions on a higher consciousness than does the Plant Kingdom.”

The Mineral Kingdom is the building block of which all things on the physical plane are made.  Each mineral has its own special individual influence, function, and vibration.  Inherent within the evolution of the mineral kingdom are the vibratory rates that heal, energize, attune and uplift the spirit of our very inner beings.  A gemstone is a living vibrating essence of molecules just as man is and the benefits to be derived from them are limitless.

People have been using gemstones for healing & spiritual growth for many thousands of years. The ancients have indicated that the rates of vibration in gems differ with the composition of their chemical entities. We can scientifically demonstrate distinct powers by the evidence of known vibratory action.

During the creation of GemWaters, information contained in the stones, minerals & crystals is transferred to the water via the use of a magnetic vortex to structure the water, then by way of ritual prayers said over them, and a 2-3 week energetic charge of the Sun & Moon. The vibrational energies of the stones, etc are taken on by the water. These energies are then transferred to the person who imbibes of GemWaters in alignment with that person’s intentions. Each mineral or crystal embodies their own unique energetic & spiritual properties. GemWaters blends exemplify these properties.

What do you want to do? Attract a real loving relationship? Heal your past traumas once and for all? Become serene and tranquil? Begin truly listening to your gut instincts? Are you a spiritual worker looking to boost your intuition? Bring constant positivity into your daily living? Or just manifest all of those dreams you have on the back burner? Do you have unique needs that requires a custom blend? Looking for that perfect handmade and thoughtful gift? There is a blend for you! Slowly chew 1 or 2 candies daily and/or take half dropperful of the tincture under the tongue twice daily & carry the free quartz crystal with you everywhere for an amplifying effect & watch the magic happen!

There is scientific research that bears out this ability of water to be “structured” (aka Crystalline water, EZ water, Bio water or Fourth Phase of water), to have a “memory” and to transfer that information. I highly recommend you watch and listen to these extremely educational and entertaining videos and podcasts.

The ancient “indirect method” is used to ensure safety. The stones, minerals, metals, etc used to make each blend do not come in physical contact with the water. Also, in the tinctures, a touch of 190 proof alcohol and some lovely apple brandy are used as a stabilizing preservatives. This ensures each GemWaters blend is safe to ingest without the worry of toxins or heavy metals entering the body. The candies are alcohol-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and organic.

I am constantly creating new GemWaters blends to help all humans achieve their highest potential! Follow me on Instagram to find out about new blends when they are released. If you’d like your very own unique customized blend see the Items page! Please don’t hesitate to email me (see bottom of page) to suggest a blend that you think may help humanity.

Deneen Tomayko is an American/Canadian who grew up collecting rocks & crystals on the shores of Lake Huron in Ipperwash, Ontario and near Traverse City, Michigan on Lake Michigan. From an early age she knew she wanted to help heal. She went into medicine and quickly became disenchanted with the Western Medical system. The pandemic was the impetus for her to leave it and begin combining her love & knowledge of the healing powers of the Mineral & Aquatic Kingdoms. She is a student of nutrition & the fiber arts. She is mom & biggest fan of an adventuring sailor & photo/video artist. She currently lives on a farm in Taos, New Mexico in a tiny house on wheels called Kotori (Japanese for ‘little bird’).

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