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LOVE Elixir (1.25 fl oz)

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🌟 "...A beautiful blend of healing liquid & earth magic created by a woman with a vast wealth of knowledge and a deep desire to bring true intention to all in need."
🌟 "...I can honestly say, I've never been happier."
🌟"...Thank you so much for creating such an extraordinary product"
🌟 "...I noticed an uplifting change within myself: greater positivity and magnetic appeal..."
🌟 "...I feel that the crystal and the elixir not only raise my loving vibration to self and others—but enhance any intentions..."
🌟"...Without any pressure or manipulation, things simply flowed naturally between us, thanks in part to the uplifting vibrations of Attract Real Love....Trust me, the results will speak for themselves!"

Love yourself, and they will love you too

Crafted with care, this liquid energy medicine ignites a fierce and unshakeable self-love, leading to an irresistible aura that attracts genuine connections and your true tribe. Each drop nurtures bonds that celebrate your true essence and magnetizes kindred spirits to you. 

{this blend was previously named Attract Real Love,  labels may still reflect this}

  • 8 beneficial crystals/minerals are used to create this elixir (scroll down to see)
  • Made with pure structured water!
  • ~85 Uses Per Bottle
  • Comes with a FREE gift
  • NO unwanted side effects
  • Vegan, gluten free, non-gmo
  • Makes a unique and thoughtful gift
  • Curious how they are made? SEE HERE!!
  • Deneen's story and why she makes GemWaters



  • Structured water maintains a memory of all the energies it is exposed to. 
  • In GemWaters, the structured water is exposed to all of the crystals used as well as the Sun & Moon, and the prayers said over the water.
  • This information is stored in the water and bottled for you. 



  • 75% Crystal Energy-Charged Structured Water  and the energy of the stones plus 25% apple brandy & grain alcohol.
  • 1.25 fluid ounce (enough for 6-7 weeks if taken as directed)



1. With Intention take 1/2 dropper under your tongue or in your drink (or even mix in your body lotion) twice daily 
2. Carry your free gift with you at all times
3. Expect magic!

FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


‘Love Potion Elixirs’ in History

Ah, yes, the ancient and mysterious world of crystal elixirs.


For thousands of years, these potent potions have been revered by cultures around the globe as powerful love-enhancers. From ancient China to medieval Europe, precious stones have been used to promote self-love, heal emotional wounds, and attract romantic partners.


The Chinese have a long history of using crystal elixirs for their love-enhancing properties. The famous text "Tan Chin Yao Ch'eh" mentioned the use of elixirs made from precious stones all the way back in 600 AD.


And it wasn't just the Chinese who recognized the power of crystal elixirs for love - the ancient Egyptians famously used them too. Cleopatra, a queen who truly loved and respected herself, had elixirs made for her to attract romantic partners.


Ancient Indian texts dating back to 3000 BC reference the use of crystal waters for healing emotional and metaphysical imbalances. The pages of the Hindu Vedas also document the use of various love-enhancing crystal essences, highlighting each stone's specific love abilities.

But the use of crystal elixirs for emotional and metaphysical healing isn't limited to just the East- let's not forget about ancient Greece and medieval Europe, where powdered gemstones were used as "love potions" to treat a variety of ailments.

These gemstones were believed to possess powerful properties that could be harnessed to enhance one's self-love and attractiveness, and win the affection of a desired partner.


Even today, the use of crystal elixirs for love and healing continues. Through our unique process of charging structured water with the beneficial properties of love-enhancing crystals, Attract Real Love elixir can infuse every cell of the body with love energy. The vibrational pattern of crystals is imprinted into the water, creating a stored energy pattern similar to that of flower essences or homeopathic remedies.


Indeed, the use of crystal elixirs as "love potions" is a time-honored tradition that continues to be embraced by those seeking to enhance their self-love and attract loving relationships, be they romantic or platonic. And the testimonials for Attract Real Love Crystal Elixir speak for themselves - see the Reviews tab for amazing stories of self-love and attraction.

LOVE Elixir (1.25 fl oz)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jana E
Try This!

"...I was excited to try out Attract Real Love. After years of feeling frustrated with online dating methods, I decided it was time to add some magic to my love life. And let me tell you, this product did not disappoint!

Within days of starting to wear the water in my body lotion as recommended, I noticed a shift in how I approached my relationships. My self-confidence grew, and I started communicating more effectively with people. Soon after, I went on several amazing dates, meeting men who seemed to align with my values and interests.

One particular connection stood out from the rest, and before long, I found myself falling deeply in love with someone who shares my passions and supports my goals. Without any pressure or manipulation, things simply flowed naturally between us, thanks in part to the uplifting vibrations of Attract Real Love.

...give Attract Real Love a chance to work its magic. Trust me, the results will speak for themselves!"

Really Attracting Love

"...I started taking for a few days. That week (after a world crushing divorce) I met and embarked on the most magical love affairs. One for the books….heart and souls connection. The attraction was even palpable to those around us. What a beautiful salve to my soul to know my heart can still soar to the sky’s filled with bliss, not just to the depths of heart ache.

A beautiful blend of healing liquid and earth magic created by a woman with a vast wealth of knowledge and a deep desire to bring true intention to all in need."

Porshe A.
Worked Wonders

"...I'd like to share my personal experience with the GemWaters Attract Real Love Elixir. Initially doubtful, I decided to give it a try due to dissatisfaction with typical dating methods. What happened next left me stunned! With regular use, I noticed an uplifting change within myself: greater positivity and magnetic appeal. Before I knew it, marvelous friendships turned into lovely relationships, even one of them being truly amazing!

Believe in the magic of crystals,...- trust me, the Attract Real Love worked wonders!..."
#GemWaters #LoveElixir #RealResults

Highly recommend

"I recently purchased the Attract Real Love Elixir and have been absolutely blown away by its effectiveness! Within days of starting to use it consistently, I noticed a significant shift in the way my husband and I interacted with each other. Communication became easier and affection levels increased. It felt as if the spark was back! This magical concoction truly transformed our connection, bringing us closer than we have been in years. Thank you so much for creating such an extraordinary product! Highly recommend it to anyone wanting to ignite the flames of love again."

Rachel P
never been happier

"I began using Attract Real Love on a whim and wow! Within a week I met my now boyfriend and we are still together....It was surreal and wonderful....He and I continue to get stronger...a I can honestly say, I've never been happier. I'll continue to use Attract Real Love and buy it as gifts for others."

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