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Vibrational medicine is a holistic healing and transformation approach that utilizes the vibrational frequencies of natural substances, such as crystals and minerals, to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Homeopathy is another example of vibrational medicine.

At GemWaters, we believe in harnessing the inherent energies of Earth's elements to create potent elixirs that support holistic health and full life potential.

Crystal elixirs operate on the principle of vibrational medicine, where the energetic properties of crystals are transferred to structured water through an ancient process.

When consumed or applied topically, these elixirs introduce resonant patterns to the body, influencing biochemical processes and promoting balance within the body's energy systems.

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Yes, our products are crafted with the highest standards of safety and quality in mind. We use pure, structured water and ethically sourced crystals to create our elixirs.  We use the ancient “indirect method” of charging the water, ensuring that they are free from harmful additives and synthetic ingredients. 

The elixirs do have alcohol in them, if you choose to use them sublingually, please ask your medical professional if you are pregnant or nursing or taking medications. The elixirs are NOT for use in the eyes. 

The candies are made with agar, a component of seaweed, caution is advised if you are allergic to seafood.

Yes, all of our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and we ensure that our elixirs and candies are free from animal-derived ingredients or by-products.


Choosing the right elixir depends on your individual needs and intentions.

Our website offers a quiz to help you identify which blend may be best suited to your specific goals and concerns.

Additionally, you can explore our range of blends, each designed to address common human struggles such as manifesting dreams, fostering positivity, and healing past traumas.

And our Your Elixir is custom blended with ALL of your needs and desires in mind and can be a more economical choice.

Yes, you can certainly combine multiple elixirs to create a personalized wellness routine that meets your unique needs. Many of our customers find that combining different blends enhances their overall experience and allows them to target multiple areas of well-being simultaneously.  

In addition, our Your Elixir is custom blended with ALL of your needs and desires in mind and can be a more economical choice.

The timeframe for experiencing the benefits of crystal elixirs can vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism, sensitivity, and overall health status.

While most individuals notice immediate effects, others may experience gradual improvements over time.

We recommend consistent use of our elixirs as part of a holistic wellness routine for optimal results.


Yes, we offer international shipping to select countries. Please refer to our shipping policies for more information on international delivery options and associated costs.


Our customer service team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Here is our returns policy.

You can reach us via email at or through our website's contact form.

We strive to provide prompt and responsive support to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services.


The Your Elixir has it's own set of FAQs - here.