your Custom Elixir Formulated by a Crystal Specialist

Personalized crystal energies to address your unique needs & desires


Multi-crystal powered

triple structured water

Crystal healing



I get the feeling the 💎💧 supports as added High Note after so much stuck baggage I’ve been carrying in my field was released. The 💎💧 feels like a touch fine icing I’m treating myself to. Thanks again! 😚👌✨

Galo C.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm genuinely astonished by the customized elixir's profound impact on my relationships and finances. Deneen's thoughtful formulation speaks to her care and understanding of my needs. I have subscribed because I don't want to be without it.

Edi P.
Los Angeles, California

I feel so much better. It's like having my own special potion that helps me feel happier, stay on track and optimistic. I'm amazed at how much it's improved my relationships and it's bringing me the money I need. It's kind of amazing what Deneen has put in these bottles. She really listened. I tell anyone looking to feel better to give it a try.

Austin, Texas

I've noticed significant improvements in my mood, focus, and overall well-being. And I am getting things done that are bringing me closer to my goals. It's truly made a positive difference in my life, and I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to improve their life journey. I am grateful.

Matti W.
Boise, Idaho

This has changed my Life so much! Thank you, Deneen. It's a Blessing !!!

Joanne Griffiths
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

what your elixir can do

Elevate every aspect of your life with Your Elixir, from health and spirituality to career, love, family, and finances. For ultimate well-being and great living.

  • Address specific health concerns and boost vitality.
  • Deepen spiritual connection and facilitate growth.
  • Enhance career focus, creativity, and leadership skills.
  • Foster self-love, attract harmonious relationships, and deepen emotional intimacy.
  • Strengthen family bonds, resolve conflicts, and promote harmony.
  • Attract abundance, improve financial decision-making, and open doors to wealth opportunities.


  • Ease any specific ongoing health issue
  • Boost energy levels and vitality
  • Support immune system function


  • Foster self-love and acceptance
  • Attract harmonious and fulfilling relationships
  • Deepen emotional intimacy and connection with partners: expressing gratitude, showing affection, or actively listening to your partner's needs and desires.
  • Gather a tribe around you


  • Increase focus and productivity
  • Boost creativity and innovation
  • Enhance leadership skills and decision-making abilities
  • Climb higher


  • Deepen connection with inner self
  • Facilitate spiritual growth and awareness
  • Connect with the Divine
  • Get downloads of truth and info


  • Improve communication and understanding among family members
  • Strengthen bonds and create a supportive family environment
  • Resolve conflicts and promote harmony within the family unit


  • Attract abundance and prosperity
  • Enhance financial decision-making skills
  • Open doors to new opportunities for wealth and success

1. Confirm Your Order & Take the Quiz

After your purchase you will receive an email with a link to the questionnaire. Take your time and answer as best you can.

2. Review by Deneen

Deneen will personally review your answers. 

3. Clarification

If needed, she will get clarification from you in whichever way is best for you, email or phone call.

4. Crystal Combination

The crystals for your unique blend will be found via research and intuition by Deneen.

5. Charging

The GemWater will be placed in the sun and/or moon for charging for about 2 - 2.5 weeks

6. Bottling & Shipping

Your elixir blend will be bottled, packaged and shipped out to you with tracking along with your free gifts.

Value Details

  • Note: Your Elixir is more cost-effective per ounce than purchasing Focused Elixirs and addresses all your needs, not just one.

Your first order

  • 3 bottle set PLUS a bag of Abundance Sparkle Candy plus one surprise gift for $285

when you're ready to reorder

  • 3 bottle set for $210 (if you request no changes)

your elixir subscription

  • Receive an unchanged order PLUS a bag of Abundance Sparkle candy every 5 months for $210
YOUR ELIXIR (3 bottle set)

YOUR ELIXIR (3 bottle set)

Regular price$285.00

Crystal energy aids individuals by interacting with their body's energy fields.. Crystals, composed of vibrating atoms, emit energy fields that can influence the surrounding environment, including human energy fields.

When a person comes into contact with crystals (or crystal energy infused water) their energy fields interact with the crystal's energy, potentially amplifying or balancing it. This interaction can lead to various benefits, such as promoting physical or mental healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. 

Your Elixir is meticulously crafted using a unique ancient process. We start by selecting high-quality, ethically-traded crystals known for their specific vibrational properties based on your completed questionnaire. 

Next, pure water is distilled and then structured 3 different ways so that it becomes a ready receiver for the crystals’ energies. The crystals are placed in glass and then placed in the water, allowing the water to absorb the crystals' vibrational frequencies. This is placed in the sun to charge for 2-3 weeks.  

This structured and charged water becomes the base for your elixir, which is further energized with intention and prayer. The result is a potent blend of crystal energies infused into water plus 40% apple brandy for preservation ready to support you in your well-being.

Yes, you can request anything for your custom elixir as long as it aligns with positive intentions. 

The possibilities are endless, but please refrain from requesting anything with negative or harmful intentions.

GemWaters stands out as the top elixir brand worldwide due to its unique use of structured water, which undergoes triple structuring for optimal potency. 

In addition, unlike competitors that typically incorporate 1-3 crystals per blend, GemWaters leverages the power of up to 20 crystals per custom blend, synergistically working together to achieve a common purpose.


All crystals and minerals utilized by GemWaters are ethically sourced, either procured through purchase or personally gathered by the owner herself from the field locally.

Structured water is preferred for GemWaters elixirs due to its unique properties and ability to retain vibrational frequencies. Structured water possesses memory-like characteristics, enabling it to absorb and store the subtle energies emitted by crystals.

This memory effect suggests that structured water, much like a sponge,  can retain the beneficial energetic imprint of crystals more effectively than regular water. 

Consequently, when individuals consume elixirs made with structured water, they receive a more potent infusion of crystal energy, promoting balance and wellness across physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

No, there are no adverse effects when used as directed. GemWaters are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, ensuring a safe and wholesome experience.

The entire process, from placing your order to shipment, typically takes between 2.5 to 3 weeks.

The initial three bottle set of Your Elixir order is priced at $285, which includes a $75 consultation fee. Additionally, you will receive two complimentary gifts.

For subsequent orders where no changes are made, the consultation fee is waived, resulting in a cost of $70 per bottle** ($210 for a set of three bottles). If modifications are needed, a $35 charge will be added.

**It's worth noting that this option is more cost-effective per ounce compared to purchasing any of the Focused Elixirs.

With a Your Elixir subscription, you can opt to receive a new unchanged order of Your Elixir (3 bottle set) every 5 months for $210. Subscriptions include a complimentary bag of Abundance Sparkle candy (a $38 value) with each delivery.

Meet our resident Crystal Specialist Deneen

Deneen's journey towards holistic healing began in her youth, exploring the natural world along the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, where she developed a fascination with rocks and crystals.

Her extensive background in traditional western medicine, spanning various specialties, was guided by a commitment to "Do No Harm." However, the 2020 global pandemic prompted a shift towards a more holistic approach to health and healing.

Returning to her early experiments with crystal elixirs, Deneen merged her scientific knowledge with her lifelong passion for crystals to create personalized medical elixirs and GemWaters.

Inspired by her oath and fueled by a desire to heal without harm, she crafts vibrational healing medicines from her sanctuary, Kotori, in Taos, New Mexico.