how the magic is made

The Creation Process

At GemWaters, we take great care in crafting each elixir, ensuring that it embodies the perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. Our meticulous process begins with the selection of high-quality crystals ethically sourced from around the globe and locally.

1. Crystal Selection:

We start by handpicking crystals renowned for their unique energetic properties. These crystals are chosen based on their ability to contribute to the intended purpose of the elixir, whether it's promoting positivity, enhancing intuition, or fostering healing, etc.

2. Structured Water Infusion:

Next, we structure our farm well-derived then distilled water three different ways.  We have 3 devices that are used to structure water and all are used. We use structured water as the medium for capturing and retaining the vibrational frequencies of the crystals. Structured water possesses a crystalline structure that enhances its ability to carry and transmit energetic information. This structured matrix acts as a conduit for the vibrational frequencies of the crystals, ensuring their potency.

3. Solar Activation:

The chosen crystals are placed in glass surrounded by the structured water.  A ritualized prayer is said over the water and crystals by using a Commanding Rod (soon to be sold on website). We then expose the blend to natural sunlight for a specific duration, allowing the solar energy to further charge and potentiate the elixir. [Some elixir blends are left in moonlight as well.] This infusion process imbues the elixirs with heightened vibrational frequencies, ready to be harnessed for transformation.

4. Blending and Bottling:

After the activation process, the elixirs are carefully blended and bottled, ready to be shipped to our customers. Each bottle is filled with the perfect combination of crystal-infused structured water, fortified with 40% apple brandy for stability. 

5. Personalization:

For our Your Elixir, we go a step further by offering a personalized experience. Customers undergo an initial consultation to determine their needs and desires, allowing us to customize the elixir with up to 20 crystals tailored to their individual requirements.

Experience the Magic:

Embark on a journey of holistic healing and transformation with GemWaters. Our elixirs are crafted with love and intention, empowering you to unlock your full potential and embrace a life of vitality and wellness.

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